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10.75” overall length 5” handle 270mm

Product AngleProduct ModelProduct SizeQuantityAdd to Cart
Straight753-1014-01/4” 6mm
Straight753-1038-03/8” 9mm
Straight753-1012-01/2” 13mm
Straight753-1058-05/8” 16mm
Straight753-1034-03/4” 19mm
Straight753-1010-01” 25mm
Curved753-1014-11/4” 6mm
Curved753-1038-13/8” 9mm
Curved753-1058-15/8” 16mm
Curved753-1012-11/2” 13mm
Curved753-1034-13/4” 19mm
Curved753-1010-11” 25mm
Reverse Curve753-1014-21/4” 6mm
Reverse Curve753-1038-23/8” 9mm
Reverse Curve753-1012-21/2” 13mm
Reverse Curve753-1058-25/8” 16mm
Reverse Curve753-1034-23/4” 19mm
Reverse Curve753-1010-21” 25mm
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