Micro Axial Discectomy Curettes

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11.5” overall length 4.5” handle   6” working length 150mm
*Also available as black-coated Axial Discectomy Curettes.

Product AngleProduct ModelProduct SizeQuantityAdd to Cart
Straight Up714-1140-0U4/0
Straight Down714-1140-0D4/0
Straight Up714-1130-0U3/0
Straight Down714-1130-0D3/0
Straight Up714-1120-0U2/0
Straight Down714-1120-0D2/0
Straight Up714-1100-0U0
Straight Down714-1100-0D0
Straight Up714-1101-0U1
Straight Down714-1101-0D1
Straight Up714-1102-0U2
Straight Down714-1102-0D2
Angled Up714-1140-1U4/0
Angled Down714-1140-1D4/0
Angled Up714-1130-1U3/0
Angled Down714-1130-1D3/0
Angled Up714-1120-1U2/0
Angled Down714-1102-1D2/0
Angled Up714-1100-1U0
Angled Down714-1100-1D0
Angled Up714-1101-1U1
Angled Down714-1101-1D1
Angled Up714-1102-1U2
Angled Down714-1120-1D2
Rev Angled Up714-1140-2U4/0
Rev Angled Down714-1140-2D4/0
Rev Angled Up714-1130-2U3/0
Rev Angled Down714-1130-2D3/0
Rev Angled Up714-1120-2U2/0
Rev Angled Down714-1102-2D2/0
Rev Angled Up714-1100-2U0
Rev Angled Down714-1100-2D0
Rev Angled Up714-1101-2U1
Rev Angled Down714-1101-2D1
Rev Angled Up714-1102-2U2
Rev Angled Down714-1102-2D2
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