Retractor Blades

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Product AngleProduct ModelProduct SizeQuantityAdd to Cart
Medial Blades749-1140-140 x 23mm
Medial Blades749-1145-145 x 23mm
Medial Blades749-1150-150 x 23mm
Medial Blades749-1155-155 x 23mm
Medial Blades749-1160-160 x 23mm
Blunt Blades749-1150-250 x 23mm
Blunt Blades749-1145-245 x 23mm
Blunt Blades749-1155-255 x 23mm
Blunt Blades749-1160-260 x 23mm
Blunt Blades749-1165-265 x 23mm
Lateral Blades749-1140-340 x 23mm
Lateral Blades749-1145-345 x 23mm
Lateral Blades749-1150-350 x 23mm
Lateral Blades749-1155-355 x 23mm
Lateral Blades749-1160-360 x 23mm
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