Micro Dissection Instrument Set

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Contains 20 instruments and tray.
*Download the brochure (pdf).

Product ModelProduct AngleProduct SizeQuantityAdd to Cart
785-0000-0Micro Dissection Instrument SetN/A
785-7501-0Micro Round Dissector1mm
785-7502-0Micro Round Dissector2mm
785-7503-0Micro Round Dissector3mm
785-7504-0Micro General Purpose ElevatorCurved
785-7505-0Micro General Purpose ElevatorAngled
785-7506-0Micro Spatula DissectorSmall
785-7507-0Micro Spatula DissectorMedium
785-7508-0Micro Spatula DissectorLarge
785-7509-0Micro Hook 90°Semi-Sharp
785-7510-0Micro Hook 90°Blunt
785-7511-0Micro Hook 45°Semi-Sharp
785-7512-0Micro Straight NeedleN/A
785-7513-0Micro CuretteStraight
785-7514-0Micro CuretteAngled
785-7515-0Teardrop DissectorStraight
785-7516-0Teardrop Dissector3mm x 90°
785-7517-0Teardrop Dissector5mm x 90°
785-7518-0Teardrop Dissector4mm x 40°
785-7519-0Teardrop Dissector8mm x 40°
785-7520-0Meatal CuretteN/A
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