Micro Surgical Instrument Set Level 1

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The instruments listed below are available in Level 1 of the Micro Surgical Instrument Set.
For a complete set listing, download the brochure (pdf).
For Micro Surgical Instrument Set Sterilization Case, click here.

Product AngleProduct ModelQuantityAdd to Cart
Bayonet Pituitary Rongeur 2mm Straight837-0912-0
Bayonet Pituitary Rongeur 4mm Straight837-0914-0
Bayonet Pituitary Rongeur 2mm Up Biting837-0912-1
Bayonet Pituitary Rongeur 4mm Up Biting837-0914-1
Micro Pituitary 2mm Straight839-0802-0B
Micro Pituitary 2mm Up Biting839-0802-1B
Micro Scissor801-0700-0B
Bayonet BiPolar Forceps 1.0mm STR780-1010-3
Bayonet BiPolar Forceps 1.0mm ANG780-1011-3
Suction Tube 8FR791-0008-1B
Suction Tube 10FR791-0010-1B
Retractor with Suction Tip 5mm790-0805-0B
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